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2023 First Things First Fast Inspirational Music

Day 1 Get Your Mind Right

Day 2 How’s Your Heart?

Day 3 Worth Fighting For

Day 4 It’s Not About The Food

Day 5 What’s in A Name?

Day 6 Just Rest

Day 7 What About Eating Out?

Day 8 Celebrate

Day 9 Commit

Day 10 What’s Your Why?

Day 11 Can vs. Can’t

Day 12 Which Side Are You On?

Day 13 Jesus Is My Help

Day 14 Countdown

Day 15 What To Do When You Have Cravings?


Day 16 Mistakes Happen  

Day 17 Did God Ask You To Do That?


Day 18 Do You Miss It?

Day 19 Decisions, Decisions

Day 20 You’re Qualified

Day 21 Congratulations!

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